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Why has the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engine been selected to power the vast majority of next-generation, medium-range jets? Because only this can deliver game-changing improvements in fuel burn—years ahead of the competition—with noise and maintainability advantages unmatched by conventional engines. It’s also the only engine on the market with mature flight-proven technology.

Airbus has announced that it will offer Pratt & Whitney’s award-winning geared turbofan™ engine as an ultra-fuel-efficient new engine option (neo) for its A320neo family of aircraft. A320neo aircraft offer significant fuel, emissions, noise and operating cost benefits compared to the standard A320 family.

Pratt & Whitney’s advanced engine architecture – proven in unprecedented rig, ground and flight testing – delivers double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency, environmental emissions, as well as a 75% reduction in noise.

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The Bombardier CSeries is the only family of aircraft optimized for the 100-to 145-seat market; it is not a stretched, shrunk, or reconfigured version of another aircraft.

Powered exclusively by the GTF engine, the CSeries will slash noise footprints by 75% while burning 20% less fuel than the competition. It delivers widebody comfort in a single aisle aircraft, and a 15% operating cost advantage.

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Embraer has selected GTF engine as the exclusive power for its new second generation of the E-Jet aircraft family.

Planned to enter service in 2018, the Embraer E-Jets will offer significant reductions in fuel burn, emissions, noise and operating costs compared to today’s aircraft.

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The MC-21, or “Airliner of the 21st century,” is a family of aircraft designed by Irkut, part of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), and supported by suppliers and partners around the globe.

The MC-21 family will offer significant fuel burn, environmental, and economic advantages over both its domestic and international rivals.


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The Mitsubishi Regional Jet — or MRJ — delivers unprecedented value in passenger comfort, environmental benefits and operating economics. With advanced slim-seat technology, the MRJ sets a new standard for passenger freedom and modern style.

Powered exclusively by the GTF engine, the MRJ will cut noise footprints by more than 75%, combining low operating costs and unparalleled passenger experience.

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