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High Tech to a
     Higher Power

Game-changing architecture for
this decade - and the next

The secret of the PW1000G engine is not the Fan Drive Gear System (FDGS). It’s the game-changing geared turbofan (GTF) architecture enabled by the FDGS, and supported by a family of engines at the highest level of technology readiness. We don’t have to compromise on noise, maintenance, and installation, to get a big improvement in fuel burn. We get much higher efficiency out of every module in the engine.

The most efficient fan in its class:
A large, light-weight fan moves well over 90% of air around the core, delivering a very quiet engine with very low fuel burn.

The most efficient compressor and turbine in their class:
A compact, high-speed low-pressure system accomplishes the same work in fewer stages. That means fewer airfoils, fewer life-limited parts, and ultimately lower maintenance costs.

A really cool core:
The supercharged low-pressure system allows the advanced PurePower engine core – optimized for high-cycle durability – to run cooler than the competition, with fewer stages, and without expensive, exotic materials. That means longer time on wing and lower maintenance costs.

Unlike traditional engine designs, the geared architecture is just getting started. It is the solution for this decade—and the next one. That means the technology you buy today, P&W will build upon tomorrow. And that's the best investment you could make.

Pratt & Whitney PurePower® Engines
Dependable Engines to the rescue.

What's in a Name?
How we name our engines.

The numbering scheme for each PW1000G engine model follows the same historical Pratt & Whitney pattern; the first number represents the generation - in this case, 1 or 1,000. The second number denotes the customer: 1 for Airbus, 2 for Mitsubishi, 4 for Irkut, 5 for Bombardier, and 7 and 9 for Embraer. The last two numbers indicate the thrust class: 24 for 24,000 pounds of thrust, and so forth. And finally, the "G" stands for a geared turbofan engine. Below, the full PW1000G engine product table is listed in order of thrust.

PurePower® PW1000G Engine Family
Engine Type Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engine with scaled engine core
Current models in the 10,000 to 40,000 pounds thrust class
Engine Series PW1200G PW1500G PW1100G-JM PW1400G PW1700G PW1900G
Aircraft Family Mitsubishi Regional
E-Jets E2
E-Jets E2
Aircraft Models MRJ70
E175-E2 E190-E2
Passenger Capacity 70-96 100-145 124-220 130-230 80-90 97-144
Engine Models
(thrust in pounds-force)
PW1215G   15,000 lbs
PW1217G   17,000 lbs
PW1519G   19,000 lbs
PW1521G   21,000 lbs
PW1524G   23,300 lbs
PW1124G   24,000 lbs
PW1127G   27,000 lbs
PW1133G   33,000 lbs
PW1428G  28,000  lbs PW1431G  31,000  lbs PW1700G
Up to 17,000 lbs
Up to 23,000 lbs
Architecture 1-G-2-8-2-3 1-G-3-8-2-3 1-G-3-8-2-3 1-G-3-8-2-3 1-G-2-8-2-3 1-G-3-8-2-3
Bypass Ratio  (BPR) 9:1 12:1 12:1 12:1 9:1 12:1
Fan Diameter 56 Inches 73 Inches 81 Inches 81 Inches 56 Inches 73 Inches
Entry into Service (EIS) 2015 2014 October 2015 2017 2020 2018